Access Training

Offering the complete solution has been the corner stone of our success and our business practices, which is why we take our training seriously.

We don’t just drop the machine on your doorstep and leave you to it. We make sure that our customers are trained to use our equipment. This not only helps to ensure the safe use of our equipment but also that it is used to its full potential.

“A host of industries such as mining, construction and maintenance all make use of our training divisions for the outsourcing of their own training needs. This allows them to not only gain cost benefits but more importantly draw on our years of industry experience.”

We have a range of full time trainers, all Australian accredited, to train the full range of relevant industry certificates such as the High Risk Work platform certificates all the way though to the basic VOC accreditation.

In addition, our trained staff can offer a wealth of industry experience and information drawn from years of training and onsite experience.

All our equipment arrives with full operation manuals and health and safety information.

Our accredited training staff are kept up to date with new developments and new practices for all our equipment and all comply with the AS2550.10 and AS1418.10 standards, and we are long standing members of the EWPAA.

We also make sure that all those who participate in our in-house training are provided with the latest safety and health information for all our equipment. With our training you are sure to get the most out of all our equipment.