Health and Safety

Access Group places a high importance on safety and we are committed to ensuring that all work carried out by our staff is conducted in a safe and responsible manner. Prevention of workplace injuries, illnesses and incidents is a priority goal of all activities at Access Group.

“Health & safety is our number one concern for all our staff, clients and equipment”

Safety is vital to the ultimate success of our business. No activity is so important that we cannot take the time to ensure that all our premises and equipment are of the highest standard in safety for both our staff and our clients. We will make this policy meaningful by:

  • As a minimum, ensuring that all safety and maintenance checks are carried out in accordance to the companies’ health and safety policies.
  • Ensuring that any contractors working on our behalf also comply with the relevant acts and regulations and with Access Group policies and procedures.
  • Providing training on all our equipment to meet the Australian accreditation and by continually keeping abreast of the changing technology. Access Groups training staff are all accredited trainers with many years of experience.
  • Constantly monitoring our health and safety performance to ensure that they are up-to-date and being followed correctly. At Access Group, maintaining a safe working environment 24-hours a day, is our Health & Safety highest priority. The cost of failure is serious injury or death.