Global Power and Air

Global Power and Air (GPA) Equipment is one of China’s leading built-to-order power equipment wholesalers, providing highly specialised, custom designed and compliant equipment to countries around the world, with dominance across western countries, particularly Australia and New Zealand.
Global Power and Air

Global Power and Air (GPA) supply a range of equipment including power equipment, elevated work platforms (EWP), forklifts, air compressors, LED and solar lighting towers, solar and hybrid generators and lithium battery storage. GPA produce the finest equipment with the highest level of quality and compliance, while maintaining an economical price point that helps lower the cost of goods which gives the best return on investment, for their clients. GPA are proud to deliver their expertise and services built-up by directors with over 30 years’ industry experience and knowledge.

Their vision and company policy is to produce and deliver the best equipment, using China’s leading wholesalers to produce the highest quality products that meet client specifications. This, alongside their commitment to maintaining an economical price point that lowers production costs, allows GPA to provide the best return on investment for clients. Global Power and Air (GPA) Equipment prides itself on providing easy to order, custom-made products direct from our factory to your door, with no hidden cost or complications.

In addition to their quality excellence and experience, GPA offer full technical support and training across the globe on all products and equipment to maintain customer satisfaction and ensure equipment is used to its full potential.

Access Group International are still hiring and delivering, and with modified processes, we are here to help your business stay safe.

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