When Access Group first formed, our directors used their experience to select the best access equipment manufacturers in the industry to build their fleet. The companies they chose were Genie & JLG, the world leaders in access equipment design and manufacture.

We are the biggest distributor of Genie and JLG equipment in Australia; no one sells or buys as many Genie products as we do. This allows us to offer the best prices and the biggest range of world leading access products to you, our customers.

“In order for us to offer the best service and support we need to use the best products that the industry has to offer. This is why we have spent many years establishing strong working relationships with major suppliers based around product quality, loyalty, communication and cost effectiveness.”

Our long standing relationship with Genie & JLG also gives us a deep understanding of our products and makes service and repair issues easy to deal with. As we have continued to grow and expand we have formed strong working relationships with a host of world class suppliers.

This allows us to offer the best service in the industry, and a truly flexible and robust fleet.

Below is a brief list of some of our major suppliers; Making use of the best products and suppliers in the industry makes offering the best service and support in the industry easy. Access world class suppliers:

Access Group International are still hiring and delivering, and with modified processes, we are here to help your business stay safe.

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