Access Group is the trusted market leader in the Australian access equipment industry. Offering the nation's largest and youngest privately owned fleet, the company has a strong national footprint and extensive branch network, with safety and integrity at the core of the business.

Access Group is currently on the acquisition trail in a bid to provide an even better service for customers. The target is well-run, operational businesses in the equipment rental space with 25% net profit or greater.

Valuation Methodology

Valuations are based on EBITDA. 1 x multiple less debt for every 5% net profit.

5% net profit less debt = 1 x multiple
10% net profit less debt = 2 x multiple
15% net profit less debt = 3 x multiple
20% net profit less debt = 4 x multiple
25% net profit less debt = 5 x multiple
30% net profit less debt = 6 x multiple
35% net profit less debt = 7 x multiple

Access Group International are still hiring and delivering, and with modified processes, we are here to help your business stay safe.

Click to see the COO of Access Group Australia’s COVID19 Response

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