Tilt Trays And Low Loaders

Tilt TraysTilt Trays and Low Loaders Australia are major service providers to the transport, equipment and rental industries throughout the whole of Australia. With an extensive and modern fleet available for hire and a leading reputation for reliability and vehicle quality, both companies (in conjunction with Access Group of companies) make it easy to ensure that your transport requirements are met on time and on budget.

Tilt Trays and Low Loaders Australia take pride in prompt, reliable and professional service. This is possible due to an experienced office and service staff who draw on years of industry experience to make working with them as smooth and professional as you would expect.

“Offering the complete service solution has always been a corner stone to our success and an important part of any hire agreement is getting equipment where it needs to be cost effectively and on time. Our dedicated transport division allows us to satisfy both these criteria.”

As the name suggests, Tilt Trays Australia specialise in offering an extensive range of tilt trucks from 8 tone models through to the 12 tone variety. All the vehicle makes and models come with tilt slide trays and boast a range of alternate features that allow you to tailor vehicles to your individual requirements.

Similarly, Low Loaders Australia can supply an impressive range of bogie, tri- and quad-axle trailers and prime movers. Just like Tilt Trays Australia, low loader vehicles can be customised to fit your particular project requirements so that we always have the right vehicle for you.

Low Loaders transport across Australia

With Low Loaders Australia’s extensive fleet it’s easy for Access Group to offer both state and national services that can transport a large variety of equipment, ranging from containers to cranes and everything in between, to any where in Australia.

Our metropolitan fleet currently consists of:

  • 3 Low Loaders
  • 4 Tilt Slides 12 tonne
  • 7 Tilt Slides /Tilt Trays 8 tonne

We are heavily involved in transporting to remote mine site locations throughout the North West and have a network that stretches Australia wide.