Lighting Towers Australia

Lighting Towers Australia is looking to brighten up the future for Lighting Tower hire in Australia’s mining and construction industries. Formed from its highly successful parent company, Access Hire, Lighting Towers Australia is a specialised company whose focus is solely on offering customers the best lighting equipment, service and support.

Although relatively young in comparison to Access Hire, Lighting Towers Australia has already been involved in many major mining and construction projects in recent years. These include BHP – RPG5 Project Yandi, Woodside LNG Pluto Project and BHP – RPG5 Project Port Hedland. 

Lighting Towers Australia’ project involvement consists of supplying large quantities of lighting towers (50-60 units per site) for extend periods of time (up to 3 years consecutively), with full service and support. Lighting Towers Australia’s equipment is used in a host of roles including early morning start-ups, supporting shutdown periods, night time work activities, security purposes, and hazard awareness. By providing an accessible, reliable lighting solution, Lighting Towers Australia has helped to make many otherwise unsuitable sites, workable.

Offering the complete service solution has been the corner stone of Lighting Towers Australia’s success. Firstly, by offering world class lighting equipment from suppliers such as JLG and Allight, product quality and reliability standards are kept high. Ensuring that equipment is always up to the task is the second part of the solution, which is why a fleet of mine compliant service vehicles is on call 24/7 for service and support.  Lastly a dedicated transport department insures prompt and efficient delivery to any project, anywhere in Australia.

With the ability to offer the complete service solution, world class leading equipment and years of hands on project experience, the future is looking bright for not only Lighting Towers Australia but for any projects in need of a trusted and reliable lighting tower provider.