Access Services Group

Access Services GroupAccess Services Group is a major service provider to the Australian access equipment industry and has been providing market leading services since 2001.

Our success is due to having one of the most experienced and respected teams of professional, factory-trained mechanics and services staff in the industry.

Having a reputation built on excellence and extensive years of experience in maintenance, repair and after market service has made us the trusted choice for market leaders in the access equipment industry.

“We are the trusted choice when it comes to service and repair for a range of world leading access equipment manufactures across Australia.”

We specialise in the maintenance and repair of access equipment of all types including scissor lifts, boom lifts, telehandlers and lighting towers for world leading brands such as Genie, JLG, Merlo, Haulotte and Snorkel.

With the access equipment industry requiring increasingly higher levels of safety, our ability and experience at providing the required 3-monthly and annual inspections over our many years, has seen us become specialists in the EWP industry.

Furthermore, it has lead us to develop our professional approach to equipment repair both locally and on site and shaped the growth of our business structure.

Over our many years of repairing and maintaining their equipment we have formed strong partnerships with suppliers such as Genie and JLG. These relationships enable us to provide one of the most efficient services in the industry by allowing us to purchase highly competitive genuine spare parts and giving us direct access to equipment service information, which all contributes to lower turn-around times. We are the trusted choice when it comes to service and repair for a range of world leading access equipment manufactures across Australia.

Complete Solution

Access Services Group specialises in providing market leading support services to the access equipment industry. Whilst most of our competition are generalists, we have chosen to focus on the elavated work platform and access equipment industries, allowing us to develop our business structure and procedures around the specific requirements of each industry.

This specialisation has shaped our facilities and mobile service fleet. We have a host of service vehicles, which are stocked with genuine spare parts and staffed by factory-trained mobile mechanics. Our 24/7 service fleet is composed of both mine spec and non-spec based vehicles, which allow our mechanics to go everywhere and anywhere when it comes to onsite servicing and repairs.

Our transport department makes it easy for us to arrange transport of equipment to and from our workshop facilities. With a fully stocked genuine spare parts store room and a host of facilities such as spray paint booths, wash pads, service ramps etc our workshop mechanics can easily handle any service or repair job required of them.

We also specialise in carrying out the compulsory 3-month and yearly inspection that are required for all EWP equipment as outlined in the 2550.10 and 1418.10 safety legislation. With our mobile services fleet, professional staff, dedicated transport department and robust workshop facilities, Access Services Group can offer the full services solution for all your maintenance and repair needs.

Our Commitment

At Access Services Group, we have committed ourselves to providing the highest level of service and product to all of our clients, across all industries.

We believe that successful business relationships are built on mutual trust and ensuring that all our clients’ needs are met. Access Services Group ensures that all our clients are treated with the same high level of service and professionalism, regardless of the size and scope of their business.

Our People

With over 10 years of industry experience, our professional service management team are experts in the field of EWP and access equipment maintenance and repair.

The phrase “time equals money”, ideally fits the EWP industry. Downed equipment can delay major projects and dramatically increase costs. Our service team understands this and the importance of prompt, professional service when it comes to dealing with maintenance and repair issues.

Mobile EWP Technicians
In addition, our mobile service fleet and workshop based mechanics are factory-trained and have years of experience in their respective fields. Many are often ex-employees of major manufactories that we service such as Genie, JLG, Merlo etc.

With a combination of professionally, factory-trained mechanics working along side management and support staff who appreciate the nature of the EWP industry, it comes as no surprise that we have earned our reputation a professional, dependable service outfit.

Genuine Spare Parts

Over our many years of servicing and maintaining world leading access equipment we have gotten to know the manufactures and their products very well, world class manufactures such as Genie, JLG, Merlo, Snorkel, Haulotte and a host of others.

We share the same pride that they do in their equipment and reputation, which is why we stock genuine spare parts for a host of equipment from a range of manufactures. Additionally we have the means to acquire anything we don’t have in stock quickly and efficiently.

Having access to genuine spare parts is important but so is cost and accessibility. Our large buying power allows us to source our range of parts from manufactures at competitive, cost effective prices and with quick turnaround times.

We are constantly looking to find new methods of improving our customer experience and a part of this is saving time and money without sacrificing quality. By offering genuine spare parts at competitive, cost effective prices, we are able to lower costs and improve our performance and your services experience.

Fixed Pricing

While we pride ourselves on offering industry leading 24/7 services and support, we also appreciate that managing the ongoing costs of servicing equipment is a major concern for our customers. This is why we now offer a range of structured and transparent fixed price options on our full range of service options.

Using a fixed price approach for the required three month and annual inspections allow for superior cost and time benefits when compared to an ad hoc approach in regards to service and maintenance. With a fixed price structure, servicing costs and logistics can be addressed well in advance, helping to avoid any unforeseen expenses and delays.

A fixed price structure offers increased long-term benefits by saving time and creating a smooth and seamless service process. It also allows for quick scalability in large-scale rampup operations, whilst at the same time allowing us to maintain our consistent level of market leading services.

Whilst we are excited to offer a fixed price structure, we are keen to point out that we are by no means excluding those who do not wish to take this approach. Regardless of what option our customers decide upon, in the end they will still gain the benefits of our market leading 24/7 service and support, years of industry experience, genuine spare parts and factory-trained service staff. With a fixed price system both the amount of time and money involved in maintenance becomes transparent, allowing it to be dealt with well in advance