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"Access Group offers the complete service solution for all your project needs. We offer equipment rental and purchase, certified training, 24/7 service and support and all backed by years of industry experience."

Project Portfolio

Australia is a big country, with big projects spread throughout. Big projects need big solutions, which is where we come in. Our experience at delivering superior service throughout our many years has made us specialists in remote area projects.

This success has been derived from our investment in an extensive support infrastructure that has not only allowed us to be competitive regardless of the location, but to become market leaders in Australia.

By keeping services such as transport and maintenance in house and having a modern and robust fleet of world leading products backed by experienced staff members, we are able to offer a superior service no matter the project size or location.

Our experience has made Access Group the preferred supplier to a range of major contractors who deal with projects of such scale as LNG Train 5, Boddington Gold Mine, Stabiliser 5 Plant, Woodside Pluto Gas Project, Newman Hub, Mesa A , RPG 5, Cape Preston (Citic Pacific) to name but a few.

We are the largest supplier of our kind in Australia and we maintain a fleet of thousands of world leading brand machines. With a dedicated service division based in Karratha, along side our offices in Perth and South Australia, we are able to offer national coverage and the complete solution to all our customer project needs.

The sections that follow outline Access Groups range and scope of project experience throughout our growth as market leaders and the different forms of industry we have been involved in over our many years of offering nation wide service.

LNG Projects - The oil and gas industry is a major contributor to the Australian economy. In 2006-07 the industry accounted for about 3.8 per cent of the total GDP. Australia’s biggest export in the industry is LNG. Australia is now the 18th largest producer of natural gas, the seventh largest exporter of LNG in the world and the third largest LNG exporter in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Iron Ore Projects - In Australia, iron ore ranks as the second largest mineral industry after coal, making it one of our most exported minerals. This high demand means that there is constant expansion and construction of new iron ore mines and facilities. Access Group has been the preferred supplier for EWP and access equipment for the most prominent of these expansions and new construction projects around Australia.

Aluminum - Australia produces about 40% of world bauxite and more than 30% of world alumina, making it the largest producer of bauxite and alumina. Bauxite is mined from open cut operations at Weipa (QLD), Gove (NT), and the Darling Range (WA). There are very large bauxite deposits in the Mitchell Plateau and Cape Bougainville regions of Western Australia.

Titianium - Australia supplies about 40 per cent of the world’s ilmenite and about 25 per cent of its rutile. In contrast to its dominance in other minerals, Australia supplies only about a 3 per cent share of the world’s titanium dioxide pigment production of around 4 million tonnes. Regardless of its small role in the mining landscape, Access Group has been involved in the major projects in this industry.

Gold - After coal, iron ore, and crude petroleum, gold currently ranks fourth in value of all Australian merchandise exports. Despite this, there have been a series of expansions to existing mines along with the commissions of new mines around the country. We have been privileged to be the preferred supplier to many of these, of particular note is Boddington in WA and Olympic Dam in SA.

Water Treatment - With water an already scarce resource in Australia there has been an increase in projects designed to expand this limited resource throughout Australia. Projects such as desalination plants and a range of water treatment plants have been commissioned Australia wide. Access Group has been involved in the construction and expansion of such projects throughout WA and SA.

Power Stations - Australia’s continuing growth and expansion has placed a greater demand on reliable infrastructure, particularly in finding renewable and cost effective forms of energy. The power industry has already begun to explore new options to meet these demands and Access Group has been involved in a host of projects designed to meet these needs.

Nickel - Currently, all of Australia’s nickel production is from Western Australia. The Western Mining Corporation Ltd (WMC) discovered the first known important economic concentration of nickel in Australia in 1966 at Kambalda, 50km south of Kalgoorlie. Further exploration led to the discovery of many more orebodies in the Kambalda region and the field now produces a significant share of mine output.

Ship Builders - The shipbuilding industry of Australia contributes substantially to the nation’s economy through exports, regional development, employment and training. Since the late 1970s, Australian shipbuilders’ innovative designs and construction techniques have established Australia as the world leader in the production of lightweight high speed ferries. Access Group has established itself as the preferred supplier to some of the biggest names in the ship fabrication industry.

Defence - The Australian Defence Force (ADF) makes use of a host of civilian companies to maintain and build service equipment throughout Australia. Due to Western Australia’s renowned shipyards, the greater majority of ADF naval assets are manufactured and maintained locally. Additionally many of these shipyards also receive overseas interest for their ship building expertise such as the USA and as far as Malta. Access Group supplies access equipment and EWPs to many of these prominent ship yards for their project needs.